What is the average life expectancy of an Olde?

  While this depends on the care an animal recieves.  With the correct excercise and nutrition, a good average life span is 11 to 15 years.


How well do these dogs get along with children?

  These dogs adore children, especially if they have been raised with them.  Noting; that these are bulldogs after all, and can play a bit rough.  Be conscious of your child's surrounds and they will adore the child, as the child will love them.

Personal note, think of your child's age when buying a pup.  Teenage is tough, tougher with the lost of a pet, like their Bully.


How big will these dogs get?

  Are bullies are quite big, but not common.  Average male bullies top out at 60 to 80 pounds and 17 to 20 inches tall.  Females should weigh 50 to 60 pounds and stand 15 to 18 inches tall.

  But not JD's Bullys, we blow the averages away!  Our Bullisimo stands at a stunning 22 inches tall and maxed out at a solid 115 pounds.  Our bitches, are far from the ghetto slang.  18 inches tall as other's studs are and out weigh the other's stud by five pounds.  Making the other breeder's studs, their "bitches".  Written in the full "Ghetto" meaning!  That I will personally validate as I did all 5 years walking the walk!

  So if you want the good, the bad ass, and the, they're so ugly their cute bullies of JD's Bullys.  Go directly to our "Pay Pal" page and receive 20% off our listing prices for future pups, when on our "waiting list" and the first called to pick and see your Bully!


Do Oldes get along with other dogs?

Socialization is part of the new dog owners.  As with any of the Bully breed, especially the Old English Bulldogs males, does have a tendency towards the same sex dog aggression.  Allowed to socialize and frequent other dogs in the community at ayoung age.  Usually leads to a very social animal.


Do Oldes make for good watch dogs?

Oldes are very capable to protect the ones they love.  They are very capable to protect, without being intimidating to new visitors.  They are tuned to their families.  They are adeptat atlerting when something is not quite right with their surrounding and sense wrong.  Alerting you when something is not right in their families surroundings


Do these dogs slobber profusely?

No, and yes, kinda.  I'm playing, No.  Unlike English Bulldogs, Oldes are not as undershot as the English Bulldogs.  So they don't have as much drainage.  Although, if friends are wearing black, they may want to stand away. 


How do I select a puppy from JD's Bully?

There is several ways to adopt a puppy from JD's Bully.  I welcome visitors to my home.  To witness these pups have never seen a fenced pen, or stood on wet concrete.  Our pups are socialize as they will be in your home.  Our adult dogs love visitors and will welcome immediately.  A deposit is normally not asked, but either are holds.  When you find your next best friend, should think about making a firm commitment and feel free to offer a non-refundable deposit unless your pet fails their "wellness examination"  Then options will be presented, or your cash deposit back.

  Puppies are sold on a first come first sold basis.

Puppy Training for the First Eight Weeks, A Simple Beginning

  Old English Bulldogs are affectionate, friendly, courageous, and very intelligent.  These trait combined with the bulldogs distinctive lovable wrinkled mug, makes our bulldog a great addition to your family if trained well.  However, there is on trait bulldogs also tend to exhibit, bullheadedness and they do not cut corners...they rather chew them off.  They cab be over stubborn, which makes training rather tedious.

  Purchase a crate, a crate can become you bulldog's peace of mind a private quarters.  Some think a crate represents incarceration.  Dogs find this to be a comfy zone and will normal walk in to tame a nap.  I believe that dog of all breeds dislike spilling where they sleep.  This will allow you to house train very easily.  Your bulldog won't want to urinate or defecate in his sleeping area, they'll learn to wait for release with no tedious mistakes.  No dogs deserve to be left in their crate indefenitly.

  Crates also allows you to create a meal time routine.  Bulldogs love their food will eat until they get gout and watch their drinking and eating.  These can tend to be a problem.  Measure the correct amount as per your feeding chart and their lives should be incomplete wellness.  Taking your puppy out for frequent potty breaks will also help in your bonding and they to you.

  Teach your puppy to walk calmly.  Old English Bulldogs can be quite stubborn, but a leash will help guide the puppy and keep them under control,  Buckle a collar around the puppy's neck and ilI recommend a six foot leash to the ring of the collar.  Let the puppy drag the leash behind them in their home.  Once they stop playing with the leash, pick it up and walk short distances.  By the time of their final vaccination, they and you should be ready to go.

  Train the pup on his walks with "obedience commands"  As I did walking the tranquil coast line of the Newport Peninsula beaches and on my way to my recovery and new life.