Short Black Leather Leash for Bulldog

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  • REAL GENUINE LEATHER: Dog leash is real genuine leather, assembled and accomplished in China. Has a durable, yet comfortable feel when walking pet in any type of environment. Has a high tensile strength that can hold the toughest of situations. Can be used on small, medium, or large dogs. Material is water resistant
  • DURABLE METAL CLIP: Can be clipped to most dog collars with ease, while providing a strong tensile force. Nickle plating provides durability and water resistance.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Leash is very light, weighing only 3.5 ounces, which makes walking dogs easy for people of all ages and strength.
  • ELEGANT AND COMFORTABLE: Luxurious and comfortable feel when walking dogs. Won’t put wear on your hands and has a nice give when pulled on. Water and stain resistant with minimal care.
  • MEDIUM LENGTH: Measures 47'' long, which is the perfect length for walking dogs. Long enough to have a comfortable distance between dog and walker, while short enough to control dog easily.