Bulldog Harness

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  • A BULLDOG HARNESS DESIGNED BY BULLDOG OWNERS: Finally, a reflective dog harness that custom fits your small, medium, or large English Bulldog, French Bulldog, and American Bulldog. PLEASE REFER TO SIZING GUIDE IMAGE BEFORE ORDERING.
  • AS TOUGH & UNIQUE AS YOUR BULLDOG - Durable as hell, light as heck, easily adjustable, easy to get on and off, and designed to keep your bulldog comfortable and safe.
  • REFLECTIVE, NO-PULL, NO-CHOKE DESIGN: Made with a thin, but extra durable oxford cloth/mesh combination that allows for completely unrestricted movement and is escape proof.
  • MINIMAL COVERAGE, MAXIMUM STRENGTH: Bulldogs have plenty of padding and do not need a harness that is overbuilt. This vest harness keeps them cool while giving you the leverage, control, and confidence you need.
  • INCLUDES A FIXED CAR SEAT SAFETY STRAP: Run the seatbelt right through this harness to keep them safe and secure in the car. This strap also provides the