Male pup

This is our first collaboration with Eddy and us choosing this boy as the "Pick of the Litter".  Born April 27th and ready to play fetch with his new family late June. Working on his game, but quite haven't got the sharing part down yet.  I think he should have tons of wrinkles.  Wrinkles that would make Joan Rivers' plastic surgeons run the other way after seeing him.  Very nice top-line and tail set. Great overbite and size head, larger than his body.

Two Grandparents that are Grand Champions and one who is Champion on Eddy's side.  He's has a great pedigree and will look like Bully, his Dad.  With our double the wrinkles guarantee.  He will be well socialized by his pick-up date.  Being no pups ever see a kennel.  All free to roam my home with thew big dogs,  Allowing them the "follow the scent" in house training.  He's got a love to share for the right qualified homeowners.

FB_IMG_15275276771531 (2).jpg


These two are our family "two picks" of the litter.  Eyes just opened at two weeks old and will be in your home just after Father's Day.  The perfect gift for Dad know your not causing him grief.

Both these litters are from our friend Eddy of "Good Bullies"