David Leavitt

  Despite the ancient-sounding name, Olde English Bulldogges are relatively new.  Their breeding began in 1971.  By an American in Pennsylvania named David Levitt.  A breeder that wanted to bring back the old standings of the English Bulldogs.  Recreating the breed known in the "Regency Period and the Bull Baiter beast.  The now-extinct Olde English Bulldogge.

  He wanted this dog to physically resemble the Old English Bulldog but with much less aggressive mentality.  He used English Bulldogs, Americain Bulldogs, Mastiffs and the American Pit Bull Terriers until he reached the type of dogs you will find at JD's Bullys.  A dog that resembled the 17th & 18th-century dog I own today, Since then, many breeders claim to have Olde English Bulldogs, but the nexus may not link back to the Levitt Olde. 

  But, JD's Bullys are "The good, the bad (ass), and the ugly" their cute bulldogs of JD's 360 Bullys 

James Dorando