What is an Old English Bulldog?


    From their early beginnings, this breed began with it's breeding.  Not in England as many may think.  But here in these United States since 1972.

    The duration of time and the pairing of different bullies found in their redevelopment are key reasons why I feel this breed of canine is not recognized by the A.K.C. (American Kennel Club), "yet".

    Where the Olde English Bulldogges are not recognized by the A.K.C.  So our brave pioneers of this breed started their own accountable recording of our recognized certification of breeding panels, as the I.O.E.B.A..  Confident in their abilities and with a stern commitment for good health.  As to secure their authenticity within their own purebred alliance records of this upcoming and soon to be an A. K. C. recognized breed of bullies. 

The International Olde English Bulldogee Alliance (I.O.E.B.A.),  the World Bulldog Affairs (W.B.A.) and the Continental Kennel Club (C.K.C)  are three certifications of registrars available, at your request.  When choosing "Breeding Rights" (a 35% increase of cost of sale) of your pup.  Or  you can opt for the standard "Pet Quality" option found in your ownership. This is increase of cost that is a standard practice among most Olde English Bulldog breeders.  Allowing that "breeding rights" should be an additional cost to you the consumer.  That I strongly encourage you to "negotiated" before purchase.

    Your pet's breeding began as an attempt to bring back the old style of English Bulldog.  As they appeared in the early 1800's, as a fighting class of animal.  Or what is known as the "Regency Period."   Those early bulldogs were far from the calm tempers and loving disposition you will find in today's well mannered pets. 

    The English Bulldog was bred in England for a violent gambling sport known as "bull baiting"   A popular national sport among gamblers. Where one or more bulldogs were matched against a bear or a bull (ergo, their name) bulldogs.  Where the Bulldogs would taunt and bite their opponent by their nose allowing the Butcher's shop owners to position themselves and their knives position for the kill of the dog's prey.  Where their wrinkled face would allow blood to flow away from their facial wounds and not impair their vision.

    Bull baiting became illegal with the "Cruelty to Animal's Act of 1876" through out Great Britain.  This is when breeders of the large dog was bred down in size for pets.  That took a large dog's anatomy and shrank it down to the small body we see today in the beloved English Bulldog ans their national pet. 

  The reason why English Bulldogs have such a full range of heath issues and live for such short period of time.  The bulldog began more like the beasts you will find here at JD's Bullys.  Like the Clint Eastwood movie, "The good, the bad (ass), and the ugly, (their cute.") are the bullies of JD's Bullys  That will live as long as fourteen years.  Like the Queen Of England, when will that woman die?

    The master breeder who advanced these lines and redeveloped the Old English Bulldogs was founded by David Leavitte in early seventies.  That are stemmed from English Bulldogs and  tied with other predominate original healthy bulldog's lines. 

  Such as the Italian Bull Mastiff for their size.  The American Bulldog, and the American Pit Bull Terrier for square chest and heads.  And Gray Hounds, for their sporting ability and endurance.  Proven by over 40 years of stern breeding regiments and enabling us to offer a truly healthy and amalgamated breed of bulldog.  Making this the most expensive "Mutt" anyone could ever purchase, but hey!  "Aren't all American's mutts?"  Making this breed more American than most Americans are and far less English as their sickly and Great Britain's national pet.

    This line has since been proven in obedience trials.  That can be found here at JD's Bullys.  Where this breed have been founded with their successful therapeutic services to the injured.  That I can personally testify to. 

    I'm recovering from a near fatal automobile accident that placed me comatose for just over 3 months.  From severe injuries such as, a severe fractured skull & knee, facial & brain scarring, vision lost, and an arthritic neck, spin, & shoulders.  Injuries I am in recovery still to this very day.  Where these fine specimens I call friends.  Endure our daily 3 hour walk along the tranquil beach of the Newport Peninsula.  That I'm able to enjoy another day of life by a forgiving God and the Holy Trinity I thank daily.

    Please note: these are not your typical Old English Bulldogs.  Typically shoulder height and their weight varies, at least 16 inches (41 cm) tall and 50 lbs (23 kg) in weight. Allowing you to understand why, Bullys For You are considered to be "atypical"  With our boy"s weighing over a hundred pounds and standing at over 22 inches high and true anomalies of the breed.  And what people refer to as "solid" and we call "Bullisimo!"  

    Carmella, Calzini, and Concetta, are the dames of  JD's Bullys. Who are fair and of average sizes of other breeder's studs.  All 3 ladies having athletic bodies and gorgeous heads.  That are the envy of other breeders. These gals will surely intimidate anything that would be unwelcome on their families homes and lives.  As they will surely have your backs!  As long as they are not laying on theirs

    Hey!  Have fun with your new Bully, but please.  Remember, this is a life, and is "your" commitment for their lives.  That I will always be there for, if needed.

   So have their backs.