Deciding What to Feed Your Dog.

  What you feed your dog shouldn't be taken lightly.  Apart from exercise and mental stability, diet is the biggest contribute to a well balanced pet's over all life.  Feeding your dog a healthy, and well balanced diet is of the upmost importance.

The ratting habits we initiate could mean the difference between a long healthy life or the program of failure.  I would like to try influence you on some of the most important principles that apply in the pursuit of a perfect pet's well-balanced and a canine diet.

  If your happy with the current food, Bully For You!  But I would ask, for you to consider and incorporate some of these healthy points and suggestions to benefit your dogs overall well being and add to supplement their diet for the good of their health.


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Discard Commercial Hype, Do the Ingredients Test:

   No matter how good the commercial looks, relying on an advertisement for nutritional information is nit going to happen in real life.  No dog is the "Alpo Dog" flying in the air with a red cape on.  Why?  Because the people who produced the ads didn't formulate the food.  Their job is to make money, period.  Their job is to make the worse products look healthy.

  Examine your dogs food and treats labels carefully.  Your make a more informed purchase afterwards.  Especially the bi-products and chemicals found in their cans.  If you still think it looks good, than take a bite!  Soon your see, why I'm against canned food and prescription foods sold by vets.  They may diagnosis a condition, but they can cause other problems for their hospital's profits.  That is not even accounting for the cooking process, or their packaging platform.  But that's another platform we'll be discussing in the future

  Call and try to discuss the ingredients with the company who's recommending the products, they won't!.  If they can't explain what each ingredient is, than it should probably be considered it's not healthy


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Stop Feeding Shelf-Stable Food as a Stable Diet:

   Thanks to clever marketing, the average consumer often overlooks the alarming reason why processed food has a 12 to 24 month shelf life.  Marketing has condition us to believe that shelf-stable food provide everything a dog could need to live a healthy and long life.  My gripe with these products is not that they exist, but they way they market them as a healthy, stable, daily diet.


 Introduce Fresh Whole Foods:

  Fresh whole food such as vegetables and fruit are full of live enzymes and will add a dimension to your dog's health.  Whole foods are also rich in fiber, which aides digestion, encourages bowel movements.  Many of these nutrients are destroyed by the canning process for shelf life foods.  By adding synthetic-nutrient and chemicals.  Unlike most synthetic nutrients, whole foods contain constitutional co-factors that work synergistic actions to help body absorb, assimilate and make use of nutrients. Your dog is not simply what he eats.  It is simply can absorb.  Watch what they eat, as they watch you to eat.


Great Food For Dogs

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