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See why our bulldogs are "bullys for You"

A note to the reader; “Bullys” is intentionally misspelled.  As our website is. www.bullysforyou.com.

Our creed is rooted from a famous motto by our late President Theodore Roosevelt and his famous mantra, “Bully for you!”

A motto given up publicly when an individual did something, “Outstanding!”

Our Pups are in every way, “Outstanding!!”

So, Bully for you!!  &  Bullys for us!!!

About JD's Bullys

Find your Old English Bulldogge puppies in Newport Mesa, California. We breed rare and exotic colors, especially their blue eyes. All puppies are health certified by Costa Mesa Animal Hospital. Parents are OFC certified and have clear joints and found to be very healthy, as their puppies

Bulldog playing

Stud Service

We offer top quality stud service from our line up of amazing Olde English Bulldogges.


Rare Colors

Rare colored Olde English Bulldogges is our specialty. From Lilacs, Brindles to Merles we have you covered.

puppy & kids

Child Friendly

Family always comes first. Bulldog puppies with a caring, tolerant, and affectionate nature is what we provide.

Our Rare Puppies Colors

We offer a wide range of rare colors and what is known to be the standard or typical color of the Olde English Bulldogge.  Or what is imagined as when thinking what a Bulldog’s color should be, but isn’t.    The Brindle pattern is the breed’s primary and their typical color.  The original breed’s coloring based on their inherent color’s found in their combined structural strands found in their DNA.  Our Brindle markings (more an atypical, not commonly seen) comes with a serious twist you must see.  Colors stemmed from our bulldog’s heritage and their ancestral blood lines in coloring.   Found in our abstract colors, or our commonly thought of when thinking what a bulldogs color should look like, ot typical color.  That is instantly recognized when seeing our “Blue Ribbon” gal, Carmella.  A color most imagine when thinking what a bulldog should look like.

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